Male Sex and Men Relationship Issues

Testosterone and Male Sex Drive – Men Relationship Issues Č It has been observed that men relationship issues also address the issue of sexual dysfunction. There are reports that almost one in three or more men under the age of forty does not have a steady partner. That is quite a drastic number, and it might naturally lead one to conclude that there are also many more men in this world than those that are able to find partners and settle down into a long-term relationship. If men are so numerous and women are so plentiful, how come there are still so many relationships that don’t end up in happy marriages, considering the fact that women live longer than men?

The answer is really quite simple. It is estimated that anywhere from 50 to 70% of the marriages would dissolve if it was found that the men had a sexually satisfying relationship with the woman. The truth is that very few men really understand the woman’s sexual needs, her mood swings, her changes in attitude and her hesitancy about having sex on many, many occasions. หนังคมชัด In fact, the simple truth is that most men don’t really understand much about women, and many husbands really don’t know what their wives need. Regardless of what the husband might think, he is usually a willing participant who is wired to respond to his wife’s Changing Man syndrome.

With that said, lucky for you, here are some killer tips to help you in your quest:

  1. The first thing to know is that women and men tend to have different views on intimacy. แอบถ่าย Men are persona- centered,earing human emotions would rarely stray from what they see as successful strategies in getting women into bed. On the other hand, women moreso tend to view their spouse’s actions, emotions and their relationship with her as the biggestRelationship dilemma. They would react immediately to any stray event or situation in her man’s life.
  2. Be the leader. What do you think women want in bed? If it is having power, letting go, mutual pleasuring, and doing things together while making love- these are the actions that women look for. Being flexible, being attentive to her needs, and most importantly, listening to what her body is telling you with words is what women need in bed.
  3. The third thing to know is that patience is a virtue. Aside from understanding that you’re not rushing her and being respectful of her needs, you have to be patient with yourself, her and your relationship. This requires you to stick around a little longer in order to build up the trust and respect that are so necessary in the union. หนังพากย์ไทย The saying, ” Slow to know and slow to respond ” will definitely come in handy when you’re trying to get to the core of this relationship.

For the husband who wants to know how to get his wife’s attention and affection, here are some things to do:

back off



multiple orgasms

face to face

stop talking

face to face


being playful

having sex outdoors

having sex in the bedroom

having sex at a specifically private location, etc.

This isn’t a how-to guide to sex but it is a reality test that you might want to take. Pacing is everything to do with sex, and you’ll have to pacing yourself in order to discover how to delay your own climax. The moment you feel you’re about to ejaculate, stop and start. Different methods work differently for different men so you might want to try a few out until you find the one that suites you best. เปิดซิง Some men may have orgasms very quickly with slow methods while others might orgasm much more slowly. Use the time to bring her to orgasm and then to build her up again. Don’t go from fast to slow, from soft to firm and vice versa. The slower you go the more she’ll need to be built up and the faster she’ll be able to come.

Change up your moves

The typical missionary position has little chance of helping a man last longer in bed. This is because you are actually limiting his muscles’ ability to work during intercourse by simply engaging in the position daily. A much more effective position is the doggy style which does not limit the use of muscles but allows him to work his pelvis during sex. Another popular method is the woman-on-top position. เย็ดหีหมอนวด She is in control of the rhythm and intensity of the sex. In this position, she is also able to control the angle and depth of penetration and is able to grind her pelvis against his pubic bone for clitoral stimulation.

The doggy style also limits the depth of an erect penis, no matter what sort of device is used. This enables you to last longer in bed, as long as he is not significantly behind the pace of an in rhythm sex session.